What is going on with these Paleo Points??!

There is an online scoreboard and a scoreboard in Southie Green. When you are logging your points online make sure you are just putting +1, +3, -10 ect as your daily point total. Do not add in the 100 points, Pete will keep track of this for you. If you miss an entry your points will be completely thrown off, so please make sure you go back and make sure that they are all there. If you are someone that has 17636 points right now, please revise…

In Southie green there is a whiteboard with the benchmarks,Β and a place to put your weekly totals. Get your scores up there!! This is just another way to hold yourself accountable, it takes just a minute to write is up there. You cannot win unless you write your score in. It is fun for people to see how it works that are new to the gym, or who are not participating. Please be a team player and display your weekly totals.