20 minute amrap

quad stretch

Handstand Holds
Handstand push-ups

20 minute AMRAP
5 Handstand push-ups
10 Deadlifts (225,155)
15 Burpee lateral jumps
200m Run

Level 2 (185,105)
Level 1 (135,75)


  • jason barrow

    01/10/2013 @ 2:05 am

    WOD: 4 Rounds + 5 Reps Rx

    I had a BLAST doing 5 HSPU’s per round tonight. But when we have a larger number of them at a time they suck the energy out of me completely. Crazy how just a few reps more of certain movements can COMPLETELY change an entire WOD.

    Young Mooch is a great addition to the box. Saw him doing some real wild stuff tonight.

  • Mr. X

    01/09/2013 @ 3:17 am

    Return imminent

    • Goose

      01/10/2013 @ 1:42 am

      Yes! Harried and the Henderson back in the house?

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