Steve Meaney

Steve Meaney



I started CrossFit 4 years ago. I was drawn immediately to it pretty fast due to the challenging/wide variety of workouts. I also really enjoyed the community aspect with the great coaches and members I have met along the way. I have benefited from the physical results of CrossFit as well as the positive mental results it brings. Overall, I am more confident and feel a greater appreciation to what hard work and dedication can bring to one’s overall being. I am a strong believer that these benefits transfer to life outside the gym. I decided to coach to pay it forward and help people have the positive life experience that CrossFit has given me.

Outside the gym, I enjoy spending time with family. As a self proclaimed “music nerd” I am usually obsessively spinning vinyl records at home. You will also probably find me a local skating rink for my son’s youth hockey games or my daughters figure skating events.