Chelsye Quinn

Chelsye Quinn

Head Coach & Nutrition Coach


Chelsye was raised in a sport fueled family with two competitive older brothers pushing her from a young age to always be the best. l. After college, she began to look for that same drive that fueled her when she was younger and took a chance on CrossFit.   Chelsye describes those first few months as being some of the most intense, and hardest workouts of her entire life. However, within four months she came in first place in her very first competition!  She was in peak physical shape, and without her realizing, her mental fortitude had completely shifted. This was more than 10 years ago, and in that time, Chelsye has made lifelong friendships and has met people that have influenced her to be a better athlete, and a better person.

In 2015 Chelsye became a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer and has been coaching CrossFit Classes ever since. Chelsye is a self-proclaimed “cardio bunny” and gravitates to longer, more cardio-based workouts. More recently Chelsye took classes with Precision Nutrition. She graduated in 2020 and started her own nutrition business, Aligned Nutrition and Fitness. Not only can she help athletes in the gym but can also make an impact in their lives outside of the gym helping them to fuel their bodies to be the strongest version of themselves!

CrossFit Level 2 Coach
Precision Nutrition Level 1