The Chipper of all Chippers

Alex rowing for Cals
Alex rowing for Cals

**Just a reminder – All scheduled classes will be cancelled on Saturday, June 8th due to the CFSouthie Internal Throw Down. Also, there will be NO intro class at 12pm.Β 

*Yoga will be cancelled on Sundays for the Summer – Steph is recovering from surgery, but will have to sit out for a while.Β  Make sure to send her some love!*

Max L-sit Hold

30 Snatches (115,75)
20 Handstand Push-ups
30 Toes to bar
20 Overhead Squats (115,75)
30 Calories on the Rower

Level 2 (95,65)
Level 1 (65,35)


  • Mike Brown

    06/07/2013 @ 2:59 am

    Yeah seriously?lol Should have this Monday and something like the WOD you guys posted for regionals so nobody shows up and everybody rests for the throw down. I believe it was something like run 1 mile row 1000m run a mile. something miserable like that. lol this WOD is dope madness. Guess will have to do it Sunday.

  • nicole d

    06/07/2013 @ 12:43 am

    Seriously Goose?? On my rest day??? WTF.

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