Southie Showdown Day 2

You Train For This
You Train For This

Southie Showdown

Check out scores from day 1 here

We decided not to reseed the heats. You can find the heat listings here. Great Day 1! Athlete briefing again at 8:15am. Judges briefing at 7:30am.


There will be a bracketed tournament at the end of day 2 for the top 16 athletes in the RX division.  Athletes will go head to head,  if they win they move on, if they lose they are eliminated.  There will not be reseeding after each event. There will be four short WOD’s in the final.  Winner does not take all.  The scoring for the final will be factored in with the events from the entire weekend.

The first WOD of the final is

“Parking Lot Pimpin” – 2 minute time cap

100ft Sled Push (loaded with 70/45)

Run back to the start line

10 alternating pistols

Pull the sled 50ft

10 alternating pistols

Pull the sled 50ft to the finish

Winners get 0 points, losers 40 points

Tiebreaker –Max freestanding handstand hold – hands must stay inside of a 4×6 mat



  • Kendra

    11/10/2013 @ 11:59 pm

    Amazing event Crossfit Southie! Thank you for such a fun event (and for all the volunteers too). Congrats to everyone competing.

  • JBo

    11/10/2013 @ 11:47 am

    Totally agree with Papa. FANTASTIC job by everyone in Day 1.
    And yeah, there are a few issues with the scoring. In addition to what Papa wrote, the scaled men’s division also has wally and levers scores transposed, gave the lowest wally scores the better places instead of the higher ones, and while I can’t be sure, it looks like on wally some judges scored each single as 1, while others scored each single as 1/2, so I think those score sheets will need to be double-checked.
    If you guys need some help on this, I can volunteer as soon as my workouts are done…

  • Nick D'Ascensao

    11/10/2013 @ 12:16 am

    Where can we see standing after day 1?

    • Goose

      11/10/2013 @ 12:49 am

      ThrowdownHQ is in charge of the scoring. They hope to have the day1 resultsday 1 results up on their site by 9pm tonight.

      • papa schurk

        11/10/2013 @ 1:03 am

        Goose there is a disrepancy with the scaled mens c&j, 5 guys lifted the same weight (185#, me being one of them) yet they are not scored the same place. All other divisions score identical lifts with the same score. I know im probably being anal, but I think i’m right. Thanx, Papa Schurk

        • Papa Schurk

          11/10/2013 @ 1:12 am

          And by the way, absolutely fantastic job today. Cant wait to die tomorrow!

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