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“This relationship has done what no medicine ever could – put a smile back on to my little boy’s face and laugher back into his life” – Mother of 12-year-old boy battling Leukemia, Merrimack College men’s hockey

In the world of college sports, teams are always looking for that special something that will give them the extra edge.  Throughout the year, college coaches spend countless hours coming up with inventive ways to inspire their team, and now with the help of a local non-profit organization, Team IMPACT, coaches are finding that the solution is simple.  Employing a radical new recruiting strategy, coaches across the country have started to recruit players to their programs based not on their athletic ability, size, or age – but their courage.  What’s more extreme is that many of these new recruits are still in elementary school, and all of them either are or have recently battled a life-threatening or chronic illness.

Team IMPACT is a Boston-based non-profit chartered to improve the quality of life for children facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses. Across more than half of the country, Team IMPACT creates unparalleled team-based support systems for these children and their families. Core to their model is harnessing the power of teamwork by matching these courageous kids with college athletic teams. Team IMPACT children are drafted onto local college athletic teams and, to the greatest extent possible, become an official member of the team for the duration of their treatment and beyond. 

ESPN Article – Team IMPACT

Team IMPACT Overview Video

Crossfit Southie members, Maura Mahoney and Bryan McDavitt, head up the Team IMPACT staff, along with Dr. Sarah Brand, who is a member of their Medical Board of Advisors.  In an effort to bring this concept to as many children and teams as possible, they are reaching out to you for your help in expanding their mission.

How to Get Involved:

·         Connect Team IMPACT to your Alma Mater!  Reach out to your former college coaches and introduce them to Team IMPACT.  Direct them to their website,, to sign their teams directly.

·         Refer a child!  Do you know of a child battling a life-threatening illness that can benefit from the camaraderie of being drafted on to a college athletic team?  Direct them to the website or contact Maura Mahoney ([email protected]) for more information.

Join them at their upcoming event at the Harpoon Brewery(Thanks to CFS’s very own Cory Johnson!!!)  The Team IMPACT Young Professionals Group, including Crossfit Southie’s Brian Schurko, is hosting an upcoming event on Monday, June 24th at the Harpoon Beer Hall.  Come join the team to enjoy a night of networking, IPA’s, and a great opportunity to learn more about Team IMPACT.  Details are below.


Spend 20 minutes working up to a 1 RM squat snatch

3 Rounds
15 Hang Power cleans (135,95)
10 Overhead Squats (135,95)

Level 3 (115,80)
Level 2 (95,65)
Level 1 (65,.35)


  • Mike Brown

    05/29/2013 @ 4:17 pm

    hit 155. ’twas ugly.
    did RX…didn’t finish in given time cap. OHS aren’t easy!

  • jason barrow

    05/29/2013 @ 12:55 am


    YO! Ever since the lines were put on the bars I’ve been wondering why they are different colors every single time I grab one, never thought there was something behind it though, damn.

    Snatch: 155×1 (PR+++)
    WOD: 9:42 L3

    Best night of snatching in my life. My old 1RM was 145, and that was catching in a power snatch position and slowly riding it down to the squat. I went into tonight with the game-plan of catching properly down the bottom every time, even if it means I’m doing 100# less than my PR, I don’t care, I want to learn to catch down there. Started real light, did a ton of reps, eventually got up to 155 and stood up with it after being pinned down the bottom for what seemed like an eternity. It also felt like we were given more time on the platforms than usual which was awesome.

  • Manny Rodriguez

    05/29/2013 @ 12:31 am

    135 squat snatch..115 wod did not finish before the given time, but Im extremley happy at myself just a few weeks ago i struggled on ohs with nothing but the barbell

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