STRIVE-X is a Interval/Cross Training ClassΒ  that combines traditional cardio training (running, biking, rowing) with simple weightlifting exercises using dumbbells and kettlebells. There are no barbells or high skill gymnastics in this class offering.

The objective of STRIVE-X is to build cardiovascular endurance, strength, and body awareness. The workouts are different each day. Some classes will be interval based, and other classes will be long continuous workouts with less intensity. If your goal is to burn fat and change your body composition, then this class is for you! STRIVE coaches will be available to assist in scaling the weights, repetitions, and movements to meet the needs of all ability levels.

STRIVE-X is a great compliment to the SSC class offering and to CrossFit. STRIVE-X will be included with all monthly memberships and there will be class packs available.

STRIVE-X is offered at the following times:
10:30am M,W,F
6:30am T&Th
7am Saturdays
10:30am Sunday