STRIVE Strength & Conditioning (SSC)

SSC (STRIVE Strength & Conditioning)

STRIVE Strength & ConditioningΒ is a basic strength and conditioning class. The strength portion incorporates a combination of powerlifting and bodybuilding techniques. There are no technical or high skill movements (no olympic lifting). The conditioning portion is basic but effective.

This class is held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7am. And Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30am.

Monday – Push

You will find a variation of pushing strength movements. This can include horizontal or vertical pushing movements. Horizontal and vertical pushing will alternate week to week.

Horizontal pushing would include bench press and variations of bench press (DB bench, single arm, incline, decline, ext), and could be coupled with bodyweight horizontal pushing such as push-ups or dips.

Vertical pushing will include strict press and push-press and variations of the press with DBs and kettlebells. In addition to this, there will be accessory movements that will help with stability and isolation of the pressing movements. This will include overhead holds and kettlebell movements (windmills, turkish get-ups, and arm-bar).

Wednesday- Squat Day

Squat day consists of different variations of the Squat. This will include Back Squat, Front Squat, and the Box Squat, and will be coupled with single leg movements. Single leg movements include lunging, weighted step-ups, bulgarian split squats, and bodyweight isolation movements like the pistol. Glute strengthening movements such as hip thrusts will also be incorporate.

Friday- Pull

Pull Day will include both upper body and lower body pulling. Movements will include bent-over rows, deadlifts (all variations- stiff leg, single leg, RDLs, sumo, trap bar, ect.), face-pulls, lat-pulldowns, and strict gymnastic movements such as strict pull-ups and strict toes to bar.

Conditioning will be done each day.

Some days there will be strength followed by conditioning. Other days you will find bouts of conditioning mixed in with strength sets. In the conditioning portion you can expect to find rowing, biking, running, jump roping, sled pushes, stone carries, box jumps, and bodyweight movements that correspond with the theme of the day.

Tuesday – Upper Body- Combination of Push and Pull

Thursday – Lower Body- Squat and Deadlift