At STRIVE we have class options for everyone. Whether you are 3 or 93, we have a program for you! With two large training spaces we are able to offer multiple programs at peak times. Our studio is bright and airy and offers yoga classes with the South Shore’s top yoga instructors. The main gym is stocked with all the equipment you could need and more for CrossFit, youth and teen performance programs, and other functional training. Our CrossFit program is an extension of CrossFit Southie, an industry leader since 2010.


CrossFit Our CrossFit program is a general physical preparedness program designed to build strength, endurance, and help get you in the best shape of your life. It is infinitely adaptable to any fitness level. Our programming is well rounded and a full 60 minutes of work every time you come in. The warm-ups include PT exercises and accessory movements in addition to a daily mobility focus that is geared towards increasing performance and reducing injury. The strength and workout portions of the hour are thoughtfully laid out week to week to avoid overuse and underuse of muscle groups.
STRIVE-X Grit Perfect for anyone who wants to sweat hard and keep moving. You will never be bored during this class. The class is structured with intervals varying in length and intensity. We use a large variety of equipment and exercises that will give you a full-body workout every time you come. There are no barbells or high skill gymnastics. This class is great for beginners and for those who like to hit it hard. A great way to get lean without losing muscle.
SSC SSC is our basic strength and conditioning class. The strength portion is mostly accessory lifts that are great for all. The conditioning portion involves rowing, biking, sled pushes, running, skiing, and occasionally body weight movements.  This is a great option for anyone who wants to get stronger but does not want to do CrossFit. It can/has also served as a compliment to our CrossFit program. The accessory work performed helps strengthen smaller muscle groups that assist in generating more power in major lifts, in addition to helping in injury prevention.
STRIVE-X Studio An interval style treadmill class. Similar format to STRIVE-X Git, but studio style. We run, bike, and complete light resistance training. At the end of the intervals there is a “warm-down” period where we stretch and complete core movements under the heat lamps.
Core Power Fusion A powerful and fun heated vinyasa flow that will have you leaving in a state of bliss. We will intertwine breath, mindful movement, and core work that will challenge your mind & muscles as we strengthen, tone, & find a deeper sense of ourselves. Expect vibing music, badass instructors, and to expand out of your comfort zone.
Hot Power Yoga A HEATED Vinyasa flow class that moves you through fast-paced traditional yoga poses and creative sun salutations fueled by music . The focus is on strength, mobility, breathwork and meditation practices. All levels are welcome.
Barreless HOT Barre A HOT temperature, low impact, high intensity, full body, athletically paced, dancers conditioning workout with quick transitions. You can wear sneakers, socks or have bare feet. All levels are welcome.


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