Open WOD 13.2 TBA

RT Diggin' Deep
RT Diggin’ Deep

ST. PATRICKS DAY is right around the corner – wooooohooooo! We our hosting our 3rd Annual Murph WOD starting at 8am. For those of you that want to redo the Open WOD 13.3 that is an option as well. Immediately following the the workout(s) we will be having mimosas, some tequila, and a paleo potluck! After we have a few beverages we will make our way up to the parade route. If you drive here you can leave your cars here. To sign up for the WOD(s) and/or Potluck click here.

Also one of our wonderful members Ildi, has offered to do some kinesiotaping this Saturday, March 16th from 12-1pm if anyone is interested in trying it out. This week’s focus will be on the shoulder(s). To view Ildi’s website please visit:Β

All right Whole 30 cats. We are so very close. 2 more days and we are done. Weigh-ins will be this Saturday and final results for your goals should be recorded and submitted. I will be taking measurements from 9-11 and Tina-mo will be available from 1-4.

I have made it 28 days without cheating. I stopped logging around day 15. Basically, I kept telling myself “I will log it tomorrow” and by the time I sat down to do it I was 7 days out and couldn’t remember what I had exactly. Bad, bad, coach. However, as Goose as my witness I have given it a full hearted effort and didn’t make any exceptions.

I guess I came in with a different perspective than most because I have done paleo for a couple of years and I usually the zone diet together with paleo in order to maintain portion control. I usually do this M-F and on the weekends let go a little. Weekends were really tough on the whole 30. It is easy to be really good during the week if you know that you can have a glass of wine on Saturday night, or go out to dinner with some friends. I don’t think I could keep up this strict of regimen for much more than 30 days. Unfortunately all things fun (other than CrossFit) are not whole 30 friendly.

Staying away from fruit wasn’t too bad, it tastes so sweet one bite is enough. What I struggled with was portioning with my sweet potatoes. I could eat them all day long. I guess I shouldn’t say that I was struggling with my portioning because I didn’t try to portion them Β much because unlike the zone there wasn’t that added pressure with starchy veggies. You would thinking I was fueling for a marathon or something. This is my fault due to my lack of creativity with my meals. I decided to start the whole 30 the week we got back from my honeymoon. I am glad I did it, but over the past month I have been playing catch up here and the gym and have not dedicated much time to cooking. However, I did come up with that super neat-o shake that many of us come to love, crave, and fuel on.

I have officially discovered that coffee is one of my favorite things in life. The Whole 30 did not make me like it or want it less. I was good for the first few days, then I started adding in a half cup, and then a full. I am still consuming probably 1/4 of what I was before, but I will probably start back with my almond milk double shot lattes here and there after we are done. I do feel like my sleep has been better due to the lessened amount of caffeine and that my energy levels are better, but I also find myself sometimes having too much energy and not being able to fall asleep. When I do sleep it is usually deeper with less bathroom trips.

The sugar wasn’t a big deal for me. I usually don’t eat a lot of paleo treats or use honey and agave daily. I do feel a lot leaner, more energetic during WODs, and just as strong if not stronger. If I was superhuman I would keep it up, but I am not and like to drink and have dessert every now and then. If you did not try The Whole 30 this time around it is easy do on your own. It is something you can experiment with for a short 10 day period rather than a full 30 days, or you can make it a lifestyle if it works for you.

If you have done the Whole 30 and are willing to share your experience, please post to comments.

WOD 13.2 – TBA Check here at 8pm for a live demo of the WOD by Annie T and Lindsay Valenzuela.
10 minute AMRAP of:
5 Shoulder to overhead, 115 / 75 lbs
10 Deadlift, 115 / 75 lbs
15 Box jump, 24 / 20 inch

Post WOD Cooldown – DODGEBALL!


  • nicole d

    03/16/2013 @ 8:57 pm

    13.2 188 Rx

  • Liz

    03/15/2013 @ 1:59 pm

    I think this was my fourth Whole30 over the past three yeras and it went pretty well. The challenge for me as a full time working mom is just the ability to have good food prepared in advance – life is crazy and adding more stuff to organize and think about can be hard, but once I got into the groove it went fine. I made a few tweaks to the program based on having done it before and knowing what my hot spots were. I also caved and got a Vitamix and got hooked on the green shakes that were discussed and now start each day with one. Overall, the month went well. I wasn’t 100% compliant, but pretty close and I overall ate far better than I had been in January and February. It was a good “reset” button for me. The biggest positive side effects were better sleep, more energy and resetting my palate about what is actually sweet. Definitely worth the effort. While I’ll be happy to reintroduce a few things next week, hopefully I’ll keep the spirit of the experiment with me for awhile now. It was a good reminder of how good you can feel when eating good stuff!

  • jason barrow

    03/15/2013 @ 12:33 am

    13.2: 197 Rx

  • Renee

    03/14/2013 @ 11:42 pm

    I made it 10 days without cheating, then by complete accident slipped up when i grabbed a pinacolada flavored dum dum at the bank. I was half way done before i realized what happened. Over all it has been easy for me, despite my struggle with food control. I decided i was gonna do it, so i did. I was doing great despite my boyfriend who has been giving me constant crap for how boring my diet is. He is currently doing a carb-back-loading paleo-like thingy. Basically on the days that he works out he eats his weight in simple carbs. Usually its been a dominos pizza followed by a few donuts and a tall glass of milk. I dont understand how that works for him, but he has been shedding weight like crazy. By day 20 I completely broke down while at a fundraiser for Saint Jude. Free food and free booze and a boyfriend who kept trying to hand me drinks and home made macaroni-n-chease. It seems like everyone has noticed you cant really go out at all, and its true. That has been the hardest part. Maybe if I had a bit more support from the carb-o-holic I could have done better. I’ve been cheating almost every day now. Not much, usualy a little quinua or balsamic vinigar or a small half bite of dark chocolate.

    So it comes down to determination and support from the people in your life. I saw results by day 4, went down a belt hole by day 5 and stopped counting the days by day 12.

  • Shelby B

    03/14/2013 @ 7:18 pm

    Days 7-10 for me were the most difficult; I literally wanted to eat anything that contained sugar – It wasn’t until Day 12 that I felt amazing! I usually eat between 4-5 servings of fruit a day, so cutting back on that was a challenge.

    Being a big fan of Thirsty Thursday as well as a weekend warrior, the idea of not drinking on Whole30 made me a little nervous- living with my best friends from HS I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do it, but I did! For me I think that was the best part about Whole30; waking up Sunday morning not hungover was something that I have not experienced in quite some time and it was incredible!

    I am definitely leaner and I seem to have more energy during the WODs. I FINALLY can do pull-ups without bands (not sure if its coincidence or if Whole30 helped) but for me that has always been a goal. I’m going to try to maintain Whole30 Monday-Thursday and see how it goes..Overall, great experience, but I’m ready to drink πŸ™‚

  • Tim Tsai

    03/14/2013 @ 3:29 pm

    I almost made it through the whole30 w/o cheating, but I had scheduled a trip to miami and found it impossible not to cheat. I did realize however, that I was eating better overall, even when I was on vacation. The most difficult thing for me during this challenge was the meal planning. There would be meals that would be very scant just because I didnt plan ahead of time or I was too busy.

    Overall, this was a great experience for me. I definitely saw physical gains, but most importantly, i felt mental gains. I feel sharper mentally and overall a lot healthier. This is definitely something i will do again, but i am really looking forward to having a beer…or 2!

  • James Saunders

    03/14/2013 @ 1:58 am

    is it odd that at 31 I’m psyched for dodgeball?

    • papa schurk

      03/14/2013 @ 2:14 am

      not odd at all James! i’m right with you on that !

  • papa schurk

    03/14/2013 @ 1:43 am

    can i come in for dodge ball?? puleeeaseee?

  • Kendra

    03/14/2013 @ 1:39 am

    I’ve made it through the Whole30 without cheating at all (though there were a couple of close calls with wine). In the beginning, I wasn’t getting nearly enough calories, so after talking with Christina, I upped my fat and a little additional protein. The food part was pretty easy, learning to love black coffee was hard. And, cutting out red wine was the hardest, especially during business trips and after a long, hard day at work. I’ve felt great, accomplished all my goals, PR’d every time I did a strength day, and have not had a single migraine the whole time! Like Amy, there’s no way I can keep up with it fulltime, but I’m now dedicated to doing it most of the time. Thanks CrossfitSouthie!

    • Kendra

      03/14/2013 @ 1:46 am

      ps – to be fair, the food part is a little easier for me b/c i have a gluten allergy, but can’t wait for chocolate!

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