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Tire Flips

10 rounds total
Teams of 2-
One partner completes an entire round while the other partner rests:
3 Squat Cleans (155,105)
6 Bar facing Burpees
9 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
100m sand bag run (3,2)

Level 3- (135,95)
Level 2- (115, 75)
Level 1- (95, 55); sandbagless

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  • jason barrow

    05/04/2013 @ 3:09 pm

    I say it every time but nothing is better than a Saturday morning team WOD. Tire-flipping party at 9:30am was fun as hell. Shout outs to big ass tires being flipped.

    WOD: 21:18 L3 w/ Nick D’A

    May the 4th be with you. Free Comic Book Day is today. Going to geek out at some comic shops now.

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