CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids
The goal CrossFit Kids is to inspire kids to develop a lifelong love of fitness. Our program will improve coordination, balance, agility, flexibility, and endurance through constantly varied workouts, all while having fun. Our goal is to teach and inspire skills that will set them up for success inside and out of the gym by instilling confidence, self-worth, perseverance, and tenacity. It’s more than just exercise. It’s teaching kids how to make good decisions now in their nutritional choices and mindset, that will help create positive habits as they grow and develop.
Ages 5-8 (3-5 can participate with an active caretaker)
Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:15-5:00pm
The STRIVE staff uses individual sticker charts to encourage engagement and participation.
The class has a 5-part lesson plan that keeps the kids interested.
  1. Warm-up
  2. Skill- Teaching proper movement patterns
  3. Workout- For this age group the workouts are in the 4-8 minute time range.
  4. Game- The games change week to wee and always involve physical activity
  5. Obstacle Course- Kids LOVE obstacle courses, so that is how we close out each session. It is different every time.

Ages 9-12

Mondays and Wednesdays 4:15-5:00pm
This age group has a format that is a blend of the younger age group and adult classes. Our goal is to build confidence in the various CrossFit movements as well as improve their fitness and performance in their chosen sport(s). The class structure is as follows:
  1. Warm-up -Agility ladder, cones, hurdles, or a game/icebreaker.
  2. Skill- Drill that day’s movements. Out focus is to perfect form and also to build neuromuscular awareness and capacity.
  3. Strength- Learning how to properly perform a strength set and execute with light resistance.
  1. Workout- Typically 5-10 minutes, different every session. They use rowers, kids pull-up bars, slam balls, light kettlebells, and complete a lot of body weight movements and calisthenics.