Back & Forth – CompetitorWOD

Marc P
Marc P

With General Class

Handstand Push-ups

Partner Strength
Mins 0-3- 16 Clean and Jerks
Mins 3-6- 14 Clean and Jerks
Mins 6-9- 12 Clean and Jerks
Mins 9-12- 10 Clean and Jerks
Minutes- 12-15- 8 Clean and Jerks

*Start at 75% of your max clean and jerk and try to increase the weight by 10lbs each interval. You can work together but on 2 separate barbells if you are at a different ability level as your partner.

WOD 8 Minute AMRAP
15 Hang Power Cleans (135,95)
8 Handstand Push-ups

Games – Strict – If you aren’t efficient with the kip, work on the kip.